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Booking Sessions

Online sessions are available for distance work.

In-person, masked appointments open to fully vaccinated people (Minimum 2 shots).


Introductory Session: $135

Health History + Intake Session: $160

Regular Sessions: $115

(Limited sliding scale spots available, priority going to BIPOC)

Note: Residents of US or EU are charged in your currency; for other locations, get in touch for more information —

A note on sessions:

After your Introductory Session, I will suggest the number of sessions I believe will get you some results to begin your in-depth healing.

Expect to book a minimum of 6-8 sessions to experience significant improvement — longer for complex situations — although many women start to notice shifts within one or two sessions.

In last week’s session, I was able to access and integrate repressed anger from a traumatic childhood memory that surfaced. I felt a release from my body that feels very healing. Alison held a safe and loving container in which I could fully enter into my experience without getting overwhelmed by emotion or sensation.

Working with Alison has given me greater trust in my inner wisdom and a greater sense of what my own personal needs are in relation to others.  

Issa, Toronto

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit.

Get in touch to book a free 30-minute consult:

contactalisonchan (at) gmail.com


Located at the Inner Arts Collective in downtown Toronto, Ontario.
257 Danforth Avenue, near Chester Station.

I am amazed by how potent the distance session was…it was even more concentrated than in-person!

I felt more integrated and peaceful and it was very helpful this week for staying grounded. Since then I have felt more regulated, more present in my body and less fearful. Thank you for your excellent work.

Meeting online worked so well. I’m glad we could talk and check in a little at the start and that I could just relax afterwards in that peaceful state. It helps me with less commuting too.  

Clara B., Artist/Writer