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My Vampire Worm Dream

Colourful Persian rugs lying rumpled on top of each other

In my dream, I’m lying on a soft Persian rug in the middle of a cozy living room, sleeping, when I am woken up by something rippling under me. After a few seconds, I realize with horror that bloodsucking worms are writhing underneath me, about to attack.

I panic, grabbing a spray bottle filled with vinegar, and try to spray the heck out of them to kill them off, but the vinegar only makes them break up into little pieces that then become more worms.

Then the little creepers speed up and race out of my reach, and there’s no doubt they will be back to suck my blood as soon as I go back to sleep.

The Problem with Spraying the Worms

So many of us have symptoms related to deep dysregulation: gut clenching, back, neck and jaw pain from muscle tension, panic attacks, anxiety, sleep problems, feeling disconnected from ourselves. And of course what we naturally want is to get rid of them, make them go away.

That can look like trying to exorcise the problem by jumping into a cathartic release healing, or doing practices on your own to ‘open up’ or release it, or doing all the vagal toning videos on YouTube to regulate yourself (bonus points if you know what the Vagus nerve and vagal toning are!).

Unfortunately — and you probably already know this — it doesn’t really work in the long run.

Sometimes it makes it worse, like when you come out of an intense ‘healing’ session having spewed out your rage or sobbed your eyes out, and instead of feeling more integrated and grounded, you go into a tailspin in the days or weeks following.

At other times, you wonder why you’re not making much headway after doing all those damn vagal toning exercises every day for months.

Targeting the symptoms doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

It can also entrench them further — or at the very least create more anxiety and frustration about what’s wrong with you — and can loop into more symptoms.

What to Do Instead?

When it comes to healing deep-seated issues that don’t respond to treatment, what’s needed instead is to work with your body,

1) to nurture the inherent health underneath the symptoms and

2) support more regulation in your nervous system, from the bottom up, so that your body can repair itself.

Once your body has that baseline support, the symptoms get a much better chance to shift from within. The result is core-level change that opens up room for more groundedness, more pleasure, and more energy to live the life you want.


Photo by Lida Sahafzadeh on Unsplash

Do you want this kind of from-the-ground-up support? Get in touch and book a consult if you’re feeling drawn to find out more.

Or if you know a woman with ongoing mental or physical health struggles who could benefit, send her my way.

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