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How I can help you

Using gentle contact or connecting at a distance, I’ll support your body to release the places that hold emotional or physical pain or dysfunction so that your body feels friendlier to be in again. (In distance sessions, releases happen without the need for touch.) You’ll also learn tools to reduce stress and anxiety, and handle difficult emotions by becoming more connected with your body.

I approach healing as a partnership, not as a top-down experience.
Your body is the expert here, not me.

The more open you are to learning about and befriending your body, the more you’ll benefit from this work.

Read this account of a virtual session with me

How might you benefit?

Anxiety, chronic pain, and the shock of an injury all have something in common — your nervous system on overdrive (a.k.a. stress!). So by using body-oriented therapies that calm your nervous system, we enable your body to release pain and stress at its own pace.

Other related issues that respond well:

  • auto-immune conditions (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, MS)
  • digestive dysfunction (irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, Crohn’s disease)
  • poor sleep or insomnia
  • stress-related symptoms from a traumatic experience

I’ve had TMJ pain in my jaw with headaches for about 10 years, and was worried it would only get worse. After starting treatment, the tension and soreness in my jaw subsided as though there had never been a problem. I am very excited about this!

I’ve also gotten a better sense of how to relax my body, and I leave Alison’s treatment room every time noticeably less wound up than when I came in. It’s incredibly interesting to become aware of how my body is holding itself — and to feel the changes. The effect of these sessions has been substantial. 

Margaux Williamson, artist

My role is not to get rid of your symptoms but to go deeper and help your whole system reorient toward wellbeing. In doing so, the symptoms often reduce or resolve themselves with longer-lasting outcomes.

Clients often report sleeping better, feeling increased calmness and groundedness, and having more emotional stability.

Do you think we’d be a good fit?

Those who tend to connect best with me are women who:

  • Are ready to engage in the long-term process of healing on a profound level, even when it may feel challenging
  • Try to honour their body’s own timing instead of forcing things forward
  • Appreciate silence and stillness, and trust the mystery of the healing process
  • Are open to a connection between physical symptoms and emotions
  • Have done a fair amount of self-exploration (e.g. therapy, meditation, healing modalities)

This probably isn’t for you if:

  • You want your muscles worked on — this is very still, quiet work
  • You want a quick fix and aren’t ready to take the time to get better at a deeper level
  • The concept of energy moving in the body is a little too woo-woo for you (I get it; I’ve been there!)
  • You’re not interested in being an active participant and learning how to work with your body

We’ll probably like each other a lot if:

  • You have an affinity for plants, birds and animals
  • Understand the havoc that patriarchy and capitalism and colonialism have wreaked and continue to wreak on all of us (while on some much more than others)
  • Believe that community, not competition and scarcity mindset, is what will save us
  • You identify as feminist, antiracist and pro-LGBTQ2S+

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