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An Invitation

From the moment you wake up, you get sucked right into the daily grind: getting ready for work, corralling the kids for school, taking care of a baby or an elder, coordinating schedules. You’re carried along on a stream of external demands, swept up in very real needs — making an income, meeting deadlines, getting food on the table, attending to a thousand things — just making it through each day the best you can.

And most of the time, like most women, you manage pretty well.

And yet…

Meanwhile, there are parts of you that are aching for the space, the time, and the attention to unfurl — the tender parts of you that need you to slow down so they can be attended to. All your unprocessed feelings and experiences — places where you feel stuck, unexpressed griefs, swallowed anger — all these parts that you don’t know how to reach and maybe honestly wish you didn’t have to.

(And secretly you allow yourself to get swept up in the grind so you won’t have to attend to what’s under the surface — I see you because I know it in myself too.)

It’s all there, in your body — those piled-up hurts, those unprocessed feelings that had to get stuffed down so you could keep going. But you know they didn’t go away. You know that they are still there, waiting for the right time to be attended to.

Sometimes it looks like that back pain that keeps returning. Maybe it’s the stiff neck that you get when you’re anxious. Maybe it’s that sense of restlessness or unease or malaise you’ve been carrying for a long time. It could even look like feeling waves of anger when you do hip openers in yoga class.

But what can you do about it all?

Here’s the thing: we humans were never meant to go it alone.

This isn’t just a sentiment, it’s a biological fact. We are social mammals. We evolved to need the grounded, loving, responsive attention of other trusted people in order to feel seen and heard, to heal our wounds, to sense who we really are. And when we slow down and bathe in the listening presence of another, our bodies soften with relief and begin to talk.

Your body knows how to process and heal when it has the space, the time, and the right support.

And when that happens, space opens up for more ease, clarity, expansiveness and energy to come in.

So, if you are aching to:

…stop so you can catch your breath and let yourself reset
…finally lay down your burdens for even just one hour
…feel into your body and whatever it’s holding, and let it go in a safe and supported way

…then reach out. I’m here for you.

Find that place in yourself that is unperturbed, that rests in stillness, where you can return to your true self.

Slip beneath the roiling of emotions and thoughts and find yourself floating in the presence of something greater, more expansive, and more truly you.


Photo credit: Kiara Martin

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